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Removing Contaminated Insulation in St Charles and St Louis, MO area

The need for insulation removal is because of water damage from a leaking roof or damage from animals, such as mice, rats, squirrels, bats, birds or raccoons, all of which will leave behind feces and urine which can cause disease and respiratory problems. Insulation removal may be necessary if your home has had any water damage, smoke and or fire damage in your attic or walls

Contaminated Insulation

The removal of insulation is not for a do-it-yourself project, this requires specialized attention from a qualified installer who will assess the situation and determine the right means for removal. Before all work begins the homeowner or business owner should have a animal removal company make sure the animal is removed and all entry ways and exits used by the animal have been blocked off, and make sure that they have sprayed and deodorized the area affected whether it be a attic or crawl space.

Animals like squirrels, raccoons, possums, birds, bats, and rats find ways to get into your attic, leaving your attic contaminated. Animals are carriers of all kinds of diseases, and can cause many types of infections. A contaminated attic may have a strong odor, and may be hazardous to ones health.

Water Damage Insulation

Storms and roof leaks are two of the major reasons for water damage in your attic. If the attic insulation is wet it needs to be removed. Wet insulation will start to grow mold. It is important to understand there are potential health effects from mold in homes that may cause health problems.

Fire/Smoke Damage Insulation

No matter how small the fire, your existing insulation can be filled with smoke and soot. The smell alone will stay for years. Not to mention smoke and heat in insulation can also cause mold to grow. The only way to fix a fire or smoke damaged attic is to remove the old insulation.

Too Much Insulation

Attics, especially in old homes, can be full of dirty, dusty, contaminated layers of insulation. Too many layers of insulation can create moisture problems which leads to moldy stains on walls and ceilings.

Insulation Projects

If blown in insulation, we will use a hose that is hooked up to the back of our truck to vacuum the insulation out, then replace with new insulation.

If batting, we will put all insulation into bags for removal and apply new insulation.

This is a good time to increase the "R-Value" in your attic or insulation, increasing the energy savings to you rather than putting the minimum requirements contractors are required by code.

All About Removing Insulation


To find out more about our insulation services contact us today by calling 636-233-7314 or by using the contact form. We also provide an on-site home energy assessment.

Ed Clement - Did a great job throughout: helping finish a tricky situation on a commercial steel building. Most important he communicated effectively throughout the process, showed up on time, and always stayed a head. Fairly priced and up to date on technology. Good Sub-Contractors are hard to find, so when you find I always do my best to help them promote their business. Addict Insulation did a great job.
Tim C
General Contractor
We used Addict Insulation at are office. We had got 3 bids and Addict Insulation had the best price to spray foam the crawl space. We are very pleased! No more cold draft
Braco Electrical & Contracting
We finished the lower 2500 sq feet of our home in O'Fallon. Ed did a great job on the insulation and saved me a bunch of money. I would definitely use him again. He went above and beyond and even helped me load bags of drywall into my truck.
TJ Kirgin
Anchor Communications
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