benefits of blown insulation St Louis, Missouri

10 Things You Must Absolutely Insulate Before Winter

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10 Must insulate before winter St Louis, Missouri
10 Must insulate before winter St Charles, Missouri

10 Things You Must Absolutely Insulate Before Winter

Fall is here but winter is nipping at its heels. With winter comes cold weather, of course, but your comfort could also be affected too. Sub-par insulation in St Louis and St. Charles, and not enough of it, can make your home colder than it has to be. In addition to the obvious attics and walls, there are many other areas of your house that you can insulate to ensure total comfort this winter.
Here's a look at the top 10 insulation project to do before winter:

1. Insulate Pipes

When temperatures dip below freezing, your plumbing is in danger. Pipes where water lingers, unprotected by the insulation that may be safeguarding the rest of your home, can freeze on very cold nights. The result? Expanding ice that can crack pipes and flood homes. Your pipes, particularly those in cold areas, should be properly insulated.

2. Attic Installation

Heat rises, so you have to ensure your attic is properly insulated - even those empty corners and shallow areas where insulation did not settle sufficiently. Those areas, as well as small cracks, can easily be filled with spray foam insulation in St. Louis. Your attic should also have appropriate ventilation, or condensation can build up and cause more problems.

3. Insulate Garage

If you have a "hobby-friendly" garage that you frequently use for anything other than basic storage, it should be insulated. Basic batt insulation and garage door insulation will work well here. While you're at it, you can clean up that cluttered garage to make way for your crafts, tool bench, music equipment, and any other hobby you may have.

4. Insulate New Exterior Walls

Your existing exterior walls should be insulated already, but any new walls from recent renovations should also be properly insulated. In a nutshell, any wall that faces the outside needs good insulation.

5. Basement or Newly Renovated Basments

If you have a finished basement, proper insulation is necessary for the walls, as well as moisture barriers.

6. Upper Roof Trusses

Roof crawl spaces are typically already insulated, but what often happens over time is that blown insulation will settle around the lower end of those roof trusses. Then, the cold from winter will force the top of the trusses to contract, as the heated bottom ends start to expand. This can result in groaning and creaking noises from your roof, not to mention costly structural damage over the years. If your roof is displaying these problems, it's time to improve your insulation. Get an inspection by a qualified insulation contractor in St. Charles.

7. Cold Floors

If you have floors that are open to the outside air, such as with an upper-level expansion or uninsulated foundation, you should think about insulating them.

8. Outdoor Faucets

Just as with your unprotected pipes, you don't want your outdoor faucets and spigots to fall victim to ice expansion. In this case, you could install a frost-proof outdoor faucet to remedy this.

9. Insulate Ventas & Ductwork

Old vents can open up your house to outside temperatures if not properly protected. Protect your ductwork with insulation to keep the warm air in.

10. Air Leakage Points / Air Sealing

Outlets, light fixtures and switches tend to allow air to pass through. These small gaps and leaks will lose a lot of heat over time if left unchecked. Properly seal them to prevent this problem.

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