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Is the Traditional Insulation in Your Walls Making You Sick?

Is the Traditional Insulation in Your Walls Making You Sick?

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Insulation in Your Walls May Be Making You Sick.

Sadly, your home’s old insulation could be making you and your family ill. That’s because traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation tends to capture and retain all particles it comes into contact with, such as pollen, dust and mold. By harboring these pollutants, your insulation could be contributing to your allergy and asthma symptoms.
You may need to update your home’s insulation with blown insulation or spray foam insulation in St. Louis MO.
Replace contaminated home insulation.

Reducing Allergens in the Home

From pet dander to mold, there are many allergens that are trapped by your existing fiberglass or cellulose insulation. These materials both allow for excessive air movement, which means the outside air making its way into your house is getting caught in that old material. Then it stays there. For a long time.
The air leaking through from the outside is constantly flowing through the material, bringing harmful particles with it. Now, all those pollen and dust particles are hanging around your home, worsening allergy and asthma symptoms for your family.

What’s In Your Insulation?

Traditional insulation is a haven for pests and critters such as mice, bats, squirrels and others. They leave behind feces and other waste products that sit in that insulation year after year, resulting in the potential for serious health conditions for occupants. Feces spread bacteria and viruses, which is pretty gross – and very unhealthy for humans.
The accumulation of rodent feces can spread bacteria and trigger allergic reactions in humans. Worse yet, those feces can also spread diseases and viruses.
Traditional insulation can also harbor mold, particularly when it comes to fiberglass, which can be overcome by moisture. Excess moisture that is not dried up or cleaned will lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Airborne mold spores get stuck in the insulation fibers and stay there, thriving and growing. Mold leads to poor indoor air quality and can trigger allergic symptoms.
It gets worse. If the mold is allowed to grow unchecked, it can actually rot the wood structural supports of your home. So, how does all that moisture get into your home in the first place? It gets in through gaps and cracks that your traditional batting insulation just can’t fill.

Getting Rid of Allergens

Keeping allergens and mold growth at bay can be achieved by installing foam insulation in your walls and ceilings. This type of insulation fills every available little space in your attic so there is no room for moisture, humidity, allergens, pollutants, and dust to hide. Spray foam insulation is a great solution if you’re looking to reduce airborne allergens and pollutants in your home – and who isn’t?
You’ll soon find your home is more comfortable due to fewer gaps being exposed, plus your indoor air quality will improve and lessen allergic or asthmatic symptoms for your family. Allergy sufferers, young and old, can now rest easy!

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If you’re thinking about updating your home’s insulation to keep your family healthy, contact your experienced insulation contractors in St. Charles MO at 636-233-7314. professional Insulation contractor St Charles and St. Louis, Missouri area.

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