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How Deep Should Your Insulation Be?

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Properly Installed Insulation Should Offer Decades Of Service

Making sure your attic is properly insulated is key to saving money on energy bills and increasing your comfort all year long. It also prevents erosion from water vapor and reduces heat buildup in your attic (which could crack your shingles). On the other hand, insufficient insulation leads to rising energy costs and a whole host of other problems, such as ice dams in winter.

Now you may be wondering: how much cellulose or fiberglass insulation should I have in my attic? Let’s take a look at the answer.

Factors to Consider

Cellulose and fiberglass insulation are two of the most common types of insulation used in homes today. How much of this insulation you should have in your attic will depend on:

  • Where you live: Your climate will play a big part in how high or low your R-value should be. (R-value measures thermal resistance or resistance to heat flow.) The higher the R-value, the better the effectiveness of the insulation. Because St. Louis has warm and humid summers and cold winters, you will want to make sure you have a higher R-value.
  • The age of your home: Got a house that’s more than 10 years old? You will need to add more insulation to your attic. Exactly how much you will need to install will depend on the state of your current insulation. A skilled insulation contractor in St. Charles MO can provide an assessment of your attic insulation and recommend the proper amount.

How Deep Should Insulation Be in Your St. Louis Attic? recommends St. Louis attics be insulated to level R-38 (10 to 14 inches). But you should also consider the climate throughout the year and adjust those numbers accordingly, especially if you have an under-insulated attic already. This means that for cellulose insulation, you should have insulation that’s between 13 and 16 inches deep.
The best way to determine how much insulation you have currently in your attic is to hire an insulation contractor in St. Charles MO to come out to your home and provide an inspection. If you are worried about the costs of adding more insulation, consider the lifetime costs of high energy bills due to having an improperly insulated attic.
Another helpful tip is to have an energy auditor visit your home for an inspection. They can tell you just how much protection you're receiving from your current insulation, as well as what you could do to improve your energy efficiency, such as sealing air leaks or updating your appliances. These home energy audits are usually free.

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