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The Dangers of Removing Insulation on Your Own

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The Dangers of Removing Insulation on Your Own-st-charles-mo
The Dangers of Removing Insulation on Your Own-st-louis-missouri

Insulation Removal Can Be A Hazard

From rodent infestation to water damage, there are many reasons why you would need to remove old insulation from your attic. Mice leave urine and droppings behind, which is a health risk. Excess moisture creates the perfect environment for mold growth, which is also a health threat to your family. Whatever your reason for needing attic insulation removal, don’t ever try to remove it on your own. This is definitely a job for an insulation contractor in St Louis, St Charles and O’Fallon MO area. Here’s why.

Older Insulation = Toxic Materials

First off, if your attic insulation is several decades old, it’s likely comprised of harmful materials than can pose significant health risks when it is disturbed during removal. Insulation in homes built up to the 1970s likely contain asbestos, a toxic and carcinogenic material that can severely damage the lungs when inhaled.

Exposing yourself to asbestos can boost the risk for mesothelioma and asbestosis, among other health conditions. This is why insulation removal is best left to the professionals, as they wear the proper safety gear and know how to properly remove disturbed insulation containing asbestos.

Just because you may not feel the effects of the insulation handling immediately doesn’t mean you won’t feel them later. Symptoms don’t often show themselves until 20 or 30 years after initial exposure!

Droppings and Other Harmful Substances

One of the most common reasons why people need to remove and replace attic insulation is due to rodent infestation. Pests like mice and rats burrow in the soft insulation to get away from the cold, where they create a nest and have their babies. And of course, they will deposit their urine and droppings here as well. These are unhealthy to humans when inhaled because they can contain noroviruses.

Another common reason for removing insulation is because of water damage. Moisture can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can spur respiratory problems in humans.

And yet another reason for removal of insulation is because of fire or smoke damage. Even a small fire can send smoke and soot into your insulation, where it stays day after day leaving a strong odor. And because water is used to put out a fire, moisture can lead to mold growth. The only way to effectively remedy a fire or smoke damaged attic is by removing the old insulation and adding new.

A professional can handle removal. With loose fill or blown in insulation, they use an extraction machine to suck out the insulation. With fiberglass batt removal, they must remove it manually, one batt at a time.

Call Addict Insulation in St. Charles MO

Don’t DIY this job. Instead, consult with our attic insulation removal specialists in O’Fallon MO if you suspect your insulation has degraded, contains toxic substances or has been comprised by water or rodent droppings. contact us today for a consultation at 636-233-7314.

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