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How to Spot Mold in Your Wall Insulation

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How to Spot Mold in Your Wall Insulation St Charles, MO

Think You Have Mold?

No one wants to learn that they have mold in their home, much less in their insulation. Yet, this is a common problem plaguing many homeowners all over St. Peters MO. As you may already know, mold grows where there is moisture, so if your insulation has been damaged due to water, it’s a good bet you have mold.

Not only does mold signal weakened or compromised wall insulation, it can also lead to health and safety risks to anyone who comes into contact with it.

Mold Detection: It’s Not as Easy as You Think

The big problem with mold is that it’s not always readily visible to the untrained eye. Usually it takes a professional insulation contractor in St. Louis to detect the presence of mold. The first sign that you have mold, even if you can’t see it, is a musty odor throughout the home. If you have detected this odor, this is the first step in suspecting mold is involved.

But smell alone is not enough. You have to verify that it’s actually mold, which is when you should call an insulation contractor to make the identification. They will be able to detect the presence of mold in your insulation whether it’s in the walls, attic, ceiling or even in your chimney.

If it’s verified that you do indeed have contaminated insulation, it will have to be removed and replaced.


If you’re faced with replacing your insulation, a good type to try is spray-foam insulation, which is designed to help prevent mold growth. That’s because it’s a very effective moisture barrier, limiting humidity and moisture – two culprits that lead to mold and mildew growth along with poor indoor air quality. This also prevents water from leaking into your living space and damaging your floors and furnishings.

Did you know that spray foam insulation does not retain water and can last up to four times as long as fiberglass insulation? Spray foam insulation can also reduce the risk of rust and the chance of condensed water dripping on your belongings.

If you’re looking for an effective form of mold remediation in your insulation, consider spray foam, as it reduces moisture buildup, improves air quality, reduces humidity, and prevents mold from growing unchecked.

Contact Addict Insulation in Warrenton MO

If you have noticed mold growth on your insulation or have smelled a musty odor throughout your home, don’t hesitate to call our insulation contractors in St. Peters MO to book a consultation and free quote. Just contact us today at 636-233-7314. We have many years of experience in contaminated insulation removal as well as spray foam installation.

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