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What Causes Condensation on Interior Walls?

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What Causes Condensation on Interior Walls?

Condensation gathers on interior walls of a home for many reasons, but we bet you don’t realize subpar wall insulation in St. Charles MO could be the culprit. You may have noticed wet walls in the winter when your heater kicks on, or even in summer when your AC starts up. Condensation isn’t good for your walls, and it isn’t good for your health either.

Plus, it’s pretty costly to replace drywall, then repaint everything. And if your smooth walls are wet, it’s a good chance that your furniture and carpeting is, too. And where moisture is, mold loves to grow.

Condensation happens when the air contains more moisture than it can reasonably hold. It then hits a saturation point that turns moisture back into water, leading to condensation. The temperature at saturation point is known as the dew point.

Temperature Differences

If you notice large temperature difference between the outdoors and the inside of your home, and you start to see condensation on the walls, it’s a safe bet that you’re lacking insulation inside those walls. While you may not see drops running down your walls, you may notice that they are damp or moist.

Don’t ignore this problem and chalk it up to extreme temperature differences. This is an abnormal occurrence that needs to be addressed right away. It’s more common to see this happen in the winter when it’s frigid outside but the air inside is very warm. It happens in summer to some degree but the temperature extreme isn’t quite so vast. In summer, it may be 90 outside but 70 inside thanks to AC. But in the winter, it could be 70 inside with the heat on, yet 20 degrees outside.

The dew point is where the condensation forms, which is usually on the warmer side of the wall. And you’ll also find more condensation in the corners of the room where the insulation isn’t as thick.

Many types of insulation, such as insulation don’t create an air seal and don’t provide much insulation coverage, especially over time.

In summer months, you may spot mildew spores at the floor and in corners. If you tend to take a lot of long, hot showers or you boil a lot of water for cooking without any ventilation, this problem can worsen.

Preventing Condensation

The best way to prevent condensation on interior walls is to update your insulation, add more, or remove and replace. It’s best to try drill & fill for older homes spray foam for new homes this time around, which adheres to every nook and cranny with no gaps. Getting an insulation consultation is your best course of action, as trusted professionals can tell you what the culprit is and how to remedy it.


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