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Should You Insulate Your Outdoor Spaces?

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Should You Insulate Your Outdoor Spaces? St Charles, MO

Insulating Your Out Door Spaces and Detach Garage

From patios and garages to granny flats and guest houses, outdoor living spaces pose many benefits to homeowners. Not only do they give you additional square footage for daily living, they provide occupants with privacy, comfort and convenience. But many homeowners end up skipping the insulation because they may not spend a huge amount of time in there.

However, there is certainly a great value in insulating your outdoor spaces. Uninsulated spaces, especially attached garages, can guzzle energy and result in large heating and cooling bills. Heat from the garage gets into the rest of the house through the shared wall, which increases the temperature in adjoining rooms.

Patios are another area that can benefit from insulation in terms of comfort. And if you’re planning on putting a granny flat in your backyard for your in-laws, it will definitely need to be insulated for full-time living. Partner with a qualified insulation contractor in St. Charles for the most efficient and safe job.

Let’s go over the many advantages of insulation for different types of outdoor living spaces.


Enclosed patios, usually extending from a family room into the back or side yard, expand your living area and give you more places to entertain and relax. Insulation is critical for a seamless and comfortable indoor/outdoor lifestyle in any season.

Insulation will prevent your patio roof from absorbing heat in the summer, which keeps the space cooler, and vice versa in the winter. Insulated roof panels also reduce noise from the outside, which is great if you live on a busy street.


Garage insulation prevents heat transfer through walls, as well as helps reduce condensation accumulation. Condensation can develop from the surrounding air, the operation of appliances, water leaks and wet vehicles. Thus, insulated roofs will seal gaps that could introduce rainwater into the space.

If you will be converting your garage into a full-time work or living space, insulation is a must. Not only will it be more energy efficient, it will be much more comfortable.

Granny Flats and Guest Houses

Granny flats and guest houses need insulation more so than garages and patios because they are full-time living spaces. Because they’re basically small houses, leaving them uninsulated means the occupants will be freezing in winter and sweating in summer.

Particularly if you will be renting out you granny flat or guest house on a vacation sharing site like Airbnb, insulation is not something you can skimp on. You don’t want a bad review!

In this case, you should think about installing a combination of thermal and acoustic insulation inside the walls, which reduces noise infiltration and prevents unwanted heat transfer. The result? A more peaceful and comfortable space. When you add insulated roof panels, you can further control the indoor temperature, especially if there are no trees on the property to provide shade.

As a final note, insulation and similar energy-saving solutions also serve to boost your property value. Did you know that energy-efficient homes often sell for 10 percent higher? Of course, to achieve this, you will need to work with an experienced insulation contractor in St Charles, O’Fallon and Ballwin MO to ensure a thorough job.

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