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Do You Need Insulation When Finishing a Basement?

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Should I insulate my basment?

A properly insulated basement can save energy along with saving you money on heating and provide a comfortable dry living space.

Do You Need Insulation When Finishing a Basement?

If you are thinking about finishing your basement in St. Louis MO, one of your first thoughts may be: do I need insulation? If so, what type is best?

Well, if you are planning to finish your basement, this typically means adding heat, carpeting or other flooring, drywall, and more. You’re likely looking to use the space as an extra living area, which means you should definitely insulate it for optimal comfort. No sense in going through all that effort if no one can use the basement in the winter.

Reasons to Insulate Your Basement

Some people argue that basement insulation isn’t important because the foundation temperature stays a constant 55 degrees or so, and the wind doesn’t blow eight feet underground. However, it’s still a good idea to insulate a basement when you’re remodeling. Here’s why:

  • Most new building codes require a R-11 insulation or better in your walls when finishing a basement.
  • Insulation makes a big difference in how warm the basement will remain. Just remember, most cold basements result from lack of heat supply rather than heat loss.
  • Insulation acts as an effective fire block, saving you a lot of money over building a drywall fire-stop.
  • Insulation helps block sound and reduce noise, a critical factor if your teenage son and his rock band plan to hold their practices down there, or if you’re looking to convert the basement into a game room or man cave.

Which Materials to Use in Your Basemet

The key to insulating your basement walls successfully is to select insulation in St. Charles MO that stops moisture movement and prevents mold growth. Basements are an ideal location for spray foam products. Ideal for basements and damp areas, spray foam locks out the water vapor that’s always trying to get from your damp basement walls into the finished basement room or rooms.

Spray foam insulation:

  • Offers additional structural stability
  • Acts as an excellent vapor barrier
  • Easily and effectively covers wires, pipes and other utilities
  • Has exceptional R values

Problem is, it can get pretty messy, which is where a professional comes in.

Fiberglass Batting Insulation

Fiberglass batting is another, more common, insulation material that works well for attics and walls as well. However, if you have a history of water damage in your basement, you may not want to go this route. Fiberglass batting is easily moisture damaged. For relatively dry basements, you can install fiberglass insulation within the stud cavities.

Why You Need Professional Installation

You may assume concrete is very dry, but it’s not. It acts like a sponge and is actually very porous. It’s important to have a professional insulate your walls to avoid improper installation or mold growth. Many homeowners mistakenly finished their basement with fiberglass insulation that comes into direct contact with the concrete foundation walls. This almost always results in a serious mold problem – a risky health concern for your family.

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