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Why is Spring a Good Time to Insulate Your Attic?

Spring is a Good Time to Insulate Your Attic

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Preparing your home for the hot summer months in Missouri

Spring is finally upon us, after a long cold winter. The birds are chirping, the sun is out, and the flowers are blooming. In the spirit of new beginnings, take a look at your home and insulation in particular to see if there’s room for improvement. If this past winter left you colder and more uncomfortable than usual, you may need to replace or add insulation to your attic.
Having adequate, quality insulation significantly reduces the amount of heating or cooling you lose in your home. In fact, you can slash your heating and cooling bills by more than 40 percent with the right insulation.
Spring is the best time of year to take on this project. Here’s why:

You Can Keep Cool Air Inside Where it Belongs

Soon, summer will be here and you’ll find yourself cranking up the AC. If your home is poorly insulated, all that expensive cold air can escape. You should evaluate your attic insulation situation before ever turning your AC on for the season. Otherwise, you risk losing cool air from inside your home to the outdoors. Then, you’ll be paying a lot more for energy bills than you should. That’s why there is no better time to add insulation to your attic.

You Can Choose From More Convenient Time Slots

Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting till it’s hot outside to schedule their attic insulation services. It’s better to be proactive and do this in the spring. You’ll have an easier time trying to find a reputable contractor because they’re not crazy busy yet, plus you can have your choice of time slots that complement your schedule. Wait till summer, and you’ll find yourself waiting in line with everyone else, taking any appointment you can get. This will also give you more time to research the right insulation material for your home.

You Can Replace Insulation in Tandem With Home Remodeling Projects

Spring is usually when home owners tackle much-needed renovations and home improvement projects. It’s best to schedule your attic insulation installation at the same time to avoid two periods of renovations. It’s simply more convenient to undergo an insulation project for your attic when the rest of your home is already under construction.
So, if a renovation project is on your list this spring, do the insulation for your attic at the same time so you can minimize downtime and inconvenience for your family.

The Weather is Nice

In spring, the weather is mild, making it easier on your contractors to complete a quick and efficient attic insulation installation job. While this is mainly an interior project, it always helps when the weather is warm and relatively dry to avoid having workers track dirt or mud into your house.
From minimal weather delays to your pick of convenient appointments, these are all great reasons to replace your attic insulation in St. Louis MO in spring!

Call Addict Insulation in St. Charles MO

Whether you choose spray foam insulation or blown insulation in the St louis, MO area, spring is the best time to add new insulation to your attic. To book your consultation, contact us in St. Charles MO or St. Louis MO at 636-233-7314.

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