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5 Signs of an Under-Insulated Home

St Louis - St Charles Under Insulated Home.

5 signs of an under insulated home in St Louis, Missouri
5 signs of an under insulated home St Charles, Missouri

5 Signs of an Under-Insulated Home

If your home is always drafty, you just can't seem to get comfortable, or your energy bills are rising with no other cause, you may have an under-insulated house. It's more common than you think, and it's easily preventable and fixable. residential insulation plays a huge role in the energy efficiency of your St Louis home. Without sufficient insulation, you'll be throwing good money after bad when it comes to your home heating and cooling bills.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for 50 to 70 percent of the energy used in the average American home. Heat gain or loss stemming from inadequate insulation is the top cause of energy waste in most homes. Proper insulation and air-sealing techniques can ensure whole-house energy savings of 10 to 20 percent over pre-retrofit energy usage, with savings for older homes and homes with little to no insulation being even higher.

Missouri Homes Older Than 40 Years

The 77 million homes built prior to 1980 don't have any insulation regulations to follow, which means there are quite a lot of home that have little to no insulation. But even people living in modern homes still seem to be experiencing signs of insufficient insulation. Here's how to tell if your home doesn't have adequate insulation.

1. You're Never Comfortable

Insulation regulates the temperature inside your home. If you don't have sufficient insulation, nothing is keeping your heated or cooled air inside where it should be. This is why you are never quite comfortable - either bundling up in the winter with blankets or sweating in the summer.

2. Temperatures Vary By Room

You may not have enough insulation when different rooms are always at different temperatures, even when on the same floor. There is no consistency: one room is always warmer or colder than the one right next to it. Could be that your existing insulation has settled and isn't doing is no longer doing its job.

3. Your Energy Bills are Getting Higher

When a home is insufficiently insulated, the furnace or air conditioner is likely running all the time in an attempt to regulate temperatures. But it's working too hard to quite get the job done, meaning you're shelling out a lot more money on monthly energy bills than you should. All that expensive heated or cooled air is escaping through your walls, attic and windows.

4. You Have Critters

In addition to keeping your conditioned air inside where it belongs, insulation also fills in the little crevices that allow bugs and mice to get into your home.

5. Frozen pipes and ice dams

If you live in an area with cold winters, insufficient insulation can lead to all kinds of household problems. Frozen pipes can burst and cause flooding. Ice dams can form on your roof and lead to damaging leaks. But with enough quality insulation, your home stays warm and secure, even on the coldest days of winter. In fact, think of it as providing a much-needed winter coat for your home.

What can you do if your home is under-insulated?

We will, add insulation to your home! For older homes we use the drill and fill method that fills your walls with the most effective insulation available today. Spray foam insulation for open walls is quick. Drill and fill insulation is injected through the exterior of your home, with no fuss and no mess. You'll notice improved comfort indoors right away and lower energy bills!

Addict Insulation Has the Solution

Are you ready to stay cool this summer? Fighting off the summer heat is easier than you think when you partner with Addict Insulation. Get in touch today to solve any and all insulation problems you may have, from spray foam insulation, Drill & Fill insulation to blown insulation. We can assess your current insulation level and recommend the proper action. Why throw money out the door this summer? All it takes is new insulation to beat the heat.

Contact us in the greater St. Charles MO or St. Louis MO area at 636-233-7314.

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