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Tips For Saving on Your Energy Bills This Summer

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Tips For Saving on Your Energy Bills This Summer St Charles, MO

Energy Saving Tips For St Charles, MO

Now that spring is well underway in St. Charles, it’s natural to start thinking about summer and the beautiful warm temps it will bring. But it can also get unbearably hot, so it’s good to have a plan in mind so you don’t go broke cooling your house. Do you know how energy efficient your home is? Are you looking to cut costs?

Here are some ways you can save on your energy bills and keep your family comfortable at the same time.

Schedule a Home Efficiency Audit

To start off, book a home efficiency audit with an insulation contractor in St. Charles. They will assess your home from top to bottom, inside and out, to pinpoint the locations and causes of all energy inefficiencies. Once they have identified the issues, it’s easier to know where you should most wisely spend your home improvement dollars.

Make Upgrades to Improve Home Efficiency

Because each home is unique, it’s hard to say which improvements will be right for you. But here are some common solutions.

Air Sealing

This will close all gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior, along with spaces around vents and plumbing. Those gaps are allowing warm air to get in the home in summer and then heat to get out in winter. When you seal those gaps, your AC is able to work more efficiently while using less energy to cool the home.

In addition, air sealing keeps moisture and humidity out, thereby preventing rot and mold, and increasing your home’s indoor air quality. This, in turn, helps to keep allergic reactions and asthma flare ups at bay.


Insulation forms a barrier between you and those areas of your home that you don’t wish to heat or cool, such as basements and attics. It also protects you from the outdoor elements and weather conditions. When used in conjunction, air sealing and insulation ensure a tight and strong building envelope so you can maintain control over your home’s conditioned air. It also allows you to enjoy more energy savings – a win/win!

Attic Ventilation

In the summer, your attic temps can get really hot and uncomfortable. This is why you need proper attic ventilation to get that hot air out so it doesn’t build up. Many things come together to ensure a comfortable home: strategic placement of insulation, attic fans, and ventilation.

Insulation Company in St. Charles MO

Here at Addict Insulation in St Charles, we can take a walk through of your home and advise you on areas of improvement so you can save money on your energy bills this summer. Get in touch with our insulation contractors in O’Fallon & St. Peters MO today when you contact us at 636-233-7314.

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