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FAQs About Insulation in Missouri

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FAQs About Insulation in Missouri St Charles, MO

Properly Installed Insulation Will Save Money & Energy

Everyone knows the value of insulation in a home. But if you’re like most homeowners and have a limited knowledge of insulation, you may have a lot of questions. Our insulation contractors insulation contractors in St Charles, MO have compiled a variety of questions we hear a lot from homeowners just like you.

Check these out and get in touch if you have further questions of our experts.

Q: How does home insulation work?

A: Insulation is designed to resist the flow of heat, which is a form of energy that seeks out cooler areas in your home. Translation: it flows outward in winter, and then inward in summer. Insulation slows down heat flow, so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, thereby saving you money. Home insulation is a cost-effective way to conserve energy, save money on heating and cooling bills, and ensure total home comfort.

Q: How much money does insulation save?

A: It’s challenging to say how much money you can save, but in general, you can save a lot of money by making sure you have sufficient amounts of insulation and replacing it as needed. Re-insulating helps you maximize your energy efficiency. Specific savings will depend largely on the size of your home, what type of insulation you have, and where you live.

Q: What is R-value?

A: This is how well insulation can resist heat flow. The “R” stands for resistance to heat flow. The higher this value, the greater power of your insulation.

Q: How much insulation do I need?

A: How much insulation you need for your home will depend on many factors, such as where you live and how old your home is. For example, if your home is older than 10 years, you probably need more insulation.

Q: What is the estimated insulation energy savings?

A: The EPA estimates that homeowners can save 15 percent on heating and cooling costs through the addition of insulation in attics, crawl spaces, and basements, translating to about $200 in savings a year.

Q: Does insulation reduce sound?

A: Yes. Insulation helps to reduce noise from outside and between different rooms and levels inside the home. If outside noises are louder than they really should be, this is a sign you do not have enough insulation.

Insulating Your Home in St Charles & St Louis, MO

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