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Can I Stay Inside My Home During Spray Foam Insulation Installation?

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Can I Stay Inside My Home During Spray Foam Insulation Installation?-st-charles-mo
Can I Stay Inside My Home During Spray Foam Insulation Installation? St Louis MO

Should I Stay During Spray Foam Installation

If you have decided to get spray foam insulation in your attic, you may wonder if it’s safe to remain in the home while the project is underway. The short answer is yes, provided the area is well ventilated and well away from your living space. However, it must be installed properly and professionally by an insulation contractor in St. Charles with many years of experience.

This all comes down to the question: is spray foam insulation safe? It remains the most popular and common insulation type for new residential, commercial, and industrial properties, offering an effective way to seal all possible air leaks to result in top-notch energy savings as well as improved indoor comfort.

Spray foam insulation, when installed the right way by professionals, is a very safe insulation type. Because it is made with chemicals, it could be dangerous when handled or installed improperly. But once cured, it can improve the indoor air quality of the home, sealing all entry points where irritants such as dust and pollen could get in. Spray foam insulation also reduces the risk of mold because it controls indoor humidity.

Should You Stay or Go?

If you have another place to stay during application, go ahead and do so. But if you don’t, it’s OK to stay as long as you are not hovering over the crews as they go about their jobs. Some spray foam does have a slight odor, which is why it’s important to ensure excellent ventilation during application.

Because spray foam needs time to cure – usually anywhere from eight to 24 hours, it is recommended that you avoid long-term exposure to this type of environment during this time. This is why it’s not recommended that homeowners tackle this as a DIY project. Insulation contractors don all the proper safety gear, such as gowns, masks and goggles, while applying spray foam insulation.

If you must remain in the house, seal off the foamed area if possible and leave that portion open to the outdoors so it can be properly vented.

So, in a nutshell, when you hire a professional and experienced insulation contractor that uses high-quality products, you don’t have to leave your home during or right after installation, provided you stay away from the immediate area and the area is well-ventilated.

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