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What is Drill and Fill Insulation?

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Can insulation be added to existing walls?

Yes, You can add insulation to existing walls of older homes without removing drywall. How we install insullation in cloded ceiling and walls is the process of Drill & Fill Insulation.

What is Drill and Fill Insulation?

If you’re thinking about replacing your home’s insulation, you may have heard of drill and fill insulation but aren’t sure what it is. This method is essentially the only way to re-insulate any existing wall. Over time, the exterior walls of your home may have to be re-insulated to cut down on heat flow.

This type of insulation in St. Charles MO can be applied to the inside of walls, filling the cavities for a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. It also happens to be an excellent source of soundproofing. Proper installation by professionals is highly recommended.

Drill and fill is just what it sounds like. Small holes are drilled into each wall bay, then cellulose insulation is blown right into the ceiling or wall to fill it up. An insulation blowing machine is used to apply the insulation. This technique ensures every nook and cranny is filled with insulation, something traditional batt insulation simply can’t do.

The Process Of Drill & Fill Insulation

Here’s a quick look at the process:

1. Drilling is done either from the inside or the outside of the house. Your installation expert will assess the situation and determine the best method.
2. The contractor will drill one- to two-inch diameter holes into each bay.
3. One installer will operate the hose to fill up each hole, while the other installer will operate the blowing machine.
4. Both installers use cellulose insulation to fill each wall bay for maximum insulation.
5. After all holes and bays have been filled with cellulose insulation, they will patch each hole up.
6. This process can also be utilized to fill the space between floors, which reduces sound transfer.

Benefits of Drill and Fill Insulation

Homes built before 1979 usually don’t have much wall insulation. In many homes, batt insulation has been used, but it doesn’t provide complete coverage. This results in the escape of heat. Drill and fill remedies this problem because it offers total coverage. Because it’s blown in, it expands to fill every available space.

This coverage allows for the highest possible R-value for wall insulation, which is a measurement of how effective insulation is in different parts of the home. If you have an older home that already has old batt wall insulation, drill and fill techniques are ideal when it comes to re-insulating the walls and providing maximum R-value coverage. You spend less on energy bills, retain more heat in the winter and cold air in the summer, and experience higher levels of comfort with the home.

Drill and fill insulation forms a barrier that seals cracks and openings around objects leading outdoors, such as cables, pipes, basement doors, and more.

Homes without proper wall insulation experience home comfort problems, such as:

  • Excessively high cooling or heating costs
  • Uneven cooling and heating throughout the house
  • HVAC system works over time, stressing the unit and costing you more $$$
  • Walls are noticeably cold to the touch

The drill-and-fill process is an effective installation method that can be done in any home, but particularly older homes that need to be re-insulated in the most non-invasive way possible.

Not sure if your home qualifies for drill and fill insulation? Ask a professional!

Proper insulation is the top way to curb air escape from your home. Another thing you can do is seal cracks and openings to reduce drafts and cold spots, suggests It’s important to prevent air leakage, which, if left unchecked, can contribute to moisture problems that can affect occupants’ health and the home’s durability.

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