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Don't Let Air Escape Your Home St Charles, MO


You know you spend a lot of cash on cooling and heating your home’s air each year, but you may not realize just how much of that air is escaping as we speak. You may assume your home loses heat and cold air through the roof, which is true, but most of the time, it’s lost in the walls.

Your asphalt insulation in St. Charles MO could be to blame, especially when you consider:

  • 35% of heat loss occurs through the walls
  • 25% occurs through the attic
  • 25% occurs through the doors and windows
  • 15% occurs through the floors/basement

Why is so much air being lost through your walls? Well, most walls in homes are not properly or sufficiently insulated. Before 1980, no regulations were in place to govern home insulation. While we now have many more strict regulations in place, it’s still a fact that most homes are still not properly insulated against leaks of warm or cooled air.

What’s your best bet when it comes to keeping your home comfortable and preventing air leaks? Try blown insulation. This is designed to fill all the nooks and crannies that batting cannot accommodate. Blown insulation surrounds electrical wiring and plumbing, forming a barrier between the elements and the inside of your home.

Reasons to Add Insulation

Check out the many reasons why it makes sense to add more insulation to your home.

1 Money Savings

You can save money by lowering your heating and cooling bills monthly when you add premium insulation products by a skilled St. Louis MO insulation contractor. To make this work, you need both sides of the equation: quality products and expert installation.

2 Comfort

Insulation lowers the radiant heat exchange, which keeps your home comfortable through every season. Studies have revealed that 40 percent of your home comfort level relates to the exchange between radiant heat from your body and surfaces around you.

3 Environmentally Friendliness

Some studies show that properly-insulating homes globally level will lower how much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere by more than 293 billion pounds over the next decade.

4 Increased Home Value

Insulation increases the value of your home, working as a sound, air, and condensation barrier while ensuring the home’s ideal temperature.

Proper insulation is your best bet when it comes to curbing air escape from your home. You can also seal cracks and openings to lower the chances of drafts and cold spots, suggests Always do what you can to prevent air leakage, which could lead to moisture issues affecting occupants’ health and the home’s durability.

St Louis Insulation Comany in St Charles, MO

From blown insulation to asspray foam insulationphalt, the insulation experts at Addict Insulation can boost the comfort level of your home, while reducing how much heated and cooled air is allowed to escape. Contact us in St. Charles MO or St. Louis MO at 636-233-7314.

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