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Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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save energy summer St Louis, Missouri
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Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Now that summer is here, it's critical to stay cool and comfortable. Achieving that takes more than just a good AC unit. It all starts with sufficient insulation, an energy efficient home improvement you can make that won't break the bank. You'll be rewarded many times over with more comfortable living throughout all seasons.
Lower your home energy costs with these tips to keeping your home cool this summer.


The first step to a cooler home is to ensure your house is properly insulated. That means having the proper type and amount of insulation, such as loose-fill cellulose insulation, throughout your home, from the walls to the attic to the crawl spaces.
Because insulation works to keep the hot air out, this translates to lower energy use. And since your energy use decreases with proper insulation, your energy bills will too. From easy installation to energy efficiency, blown insulation brings many advantages to home and business owners alike, such as:

  • Higher Efficiency: Blown in insulation is comprised of cellulose, primarily made from recycled newsprint, meaning it's also more environmentally friendly. A properly-insulated attic prevents heating and air conditioning from leaking, saving on annual costs and energy consumption.
  • High ROI: The money you save on energy costs will pay off in the long run, more than paying for itself in the next couple of years. It will even bring you a solid return on your investment (ROI).
  • Better cooling: With sufficient insulation, your cool air stays inside the home longer, so your AC doesn't have to work as hard to keep you comfortable.

Reduce Sunlight Streaming In

This tip works particularly well in conjunction with proper insulation. When you reduce the amount of sunlight that is reflected into your home, you're helping your AC unit do its job. Direct sunlight boosts the indoor temperature, making your AC unit work much harder. The key is to block that heat before it makes its way into your windows. Here are some simple ways to block sunlight in your home:

  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Interior shutters
  • Reflective window panels
Keep them drawn on high heat days, and particularly at those times of day where the sun is hitting your windows directly.

Change Ceiling Fan Rotation

It's helpful to set the ceiling fans in your home to rotate counter-clockwise rather than clockwise. When they turn counter-clockwise, the hot air moves away from the room, making you feel cooler. When the blades rotate the other way (counter-clockwise), the warm air gets pushed toward the ceiling rather than blown down in your direction.

Other Tips and Tricks

It'll also help if you remember to:

  • Turn off the lights when done using them
  • Close the door when you enter or leave the house
  • Hang laundry on a clothesline rather than use the dryer
  • Cook during the coolest part of the day (i.e., evening)
  • Cook outside whenever possible
  • Unplug electronics or appliances when not in use

Addict Insulation Has Energy Saving Solutions

Are you ready to stay cool this summer? Fighting off the summer heat is easier than you think when you partner with Addict Insulation. Get in touch today to solve any and all insulation problems you may have, from drill & fill insulation to blown insulation. We can assess your current insulation level and recommend the proper action. Why throw money out the door this summer? All it takes is new insulation to beat the heat.

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