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When Should You Remove Insulation?

Popular Reason You Should Remove Insulation In Missouri


Contaminated and Damages Insulation Are The Main Reasons For Replacing Insulation

From fire damage to water and smoke damage, there are many reasons why you may have to call a professional for estimated that 30 percent Water damage from leaky roofs…damage from pests such as squirrels and mice…smoke damage after a fire…mold contamination…all of these events may require that you remove insulation prior to adding more.
It’s not always necessary to removal insulation every time you want to add more, but in many cases, it is. Here are the times when you should hire an insulation contractor in St. Charles MO for insulation removal.

Pest Infestation

If you recently were invaded by pests, insulation removal is a good idea in the interest of occupant safety. That’s because critters like birds, raccoons, bats, rats and mice leave behind feces and urine that are virtually impossible to remove from your contaminated insulation because they saturate the material.

Water Damage Insulation

If you’ve recently experienced a roof leak or had a fire that resulted in firefighters dousing the home in water, this is another reason to remove your old insulation. Water breeds mold, which you can’t separate from the insulation material. Mold must be completely removed and remediated so that it doesn’t come back. Leaving wet, soggy, mold-infested insulation in your attic or walls will only result in more mold and an increased health risk to your family.

Smoke Damage Insulation

If you have had a fire recently, that smoky smell will cling to all fibrous materials in the house, of which insulation is one of them. It can take years for that smell of soot to dissipate.


If you’re renovating your home, this is always a good time to replace the insulation in that area while you’re at it. Also, if you’re opting for a new kind of insulation, such as spray foam instead of batting, you may wonder if your old cellulose or fiberglass material should be removed first. The answer is yes. That’s because your old insulation could cause more issues for you, decreasing the spray foam’s ability to efficiently insulate your home.

Excessive Insulation

Attics in older homes commonly have far too many layers of dirty, dusty, contaminated insulation, which leads to circulation and moisture problems and thus to mold.


Because heat rises from the rest of the house into the attic, that hot air will escape through the roof if you don’t have some kind of barrier. Old insulation hinders airflow through your whole house and attic. When airflow is hindered, a big temperature difference arises between your attic and the rest of the house, resulting in condensation. Old insulation is typically made of cellulose or fiberglass, which are fibrous materials that hold moisture longer. That condensation will also make its way into the drywall of your ceiling and your attic’s trusses, inviting the growth of mold. Your vents will draw that contaminated air and circulate it throughout the house.

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