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4 Tips to Make Your Attic More Energy Efficient

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How To Make Your Attice Energy Efficient

Your attic plays an important role in whole-home energy efficiency. Think about it. The same concept applies to wearing a hat outside in the winter. You do this to keep your head warm, which in turn helps to keep the rest of your body warm. Your attic is no different. You need to ensure it has been properly insulated so it can keep the rest of your home comfortable and warm on a consistent basis.

So, just like a hat regulates your body temperature, your attic regulates your home’s temperature, as well as adds to comfort and healthy air quality levels. Old, outdated or improperly insulated attics, on the other hand, can’t keep up with your thermostat demands, encourage pest infiltration, and welcome polluted air into your ducts.

Attic Updates to Make

Here are some important attic updates to make that will affect your home’s energy efficiency.

1. Schedule an Energy Audit

To start, schedule a professional attic inspection with a licensed, experienced insulation contractor in St. Charles MO to assess your situation and let you know what improvements you should make. A local contractor knows the area well, along with the homes, the climate and how attics in your neighborhood were built. They can also refer you to other contractors if it turns out you need work done to your roof, siding, plumbing or electrical system.

2. Ensure Proper Air Sealing

How well your attic is sealed will impact its efficiency. The weather stripping and seals around roof edges, windows, exterior walls, and penetrations will wear down over the years. In the warm weather, cool air can then escape from resulting cracks, gaps or leaks. In the colder months, your heater-warmed heat can escape.

Add drafts and fluctuating temperatures to the mix and your HVAC system will have to work much harder to keep up with your thermostat preferences. Your HVAC system will run much more smoothly once you seal up those air leaks and get rid of drafts.

3. Update or Replace Your Insulation

There are many factors that play into whether you need to update or replace your existing insulation.

  • Quantity. Older homes often feature flattened, compact, misplaced, missing or damaged insulation. Adding some extra batts may do the trick.
  • Efficiency. If your insulation doesn’t meet current energy guidelines, it’s time to update.
  • Damage. Everything from leaks to pest infestations can cause damage to insulation. In the case of pests, you will have to completely replace the insulation to ensure all droppings and urine have been eliminated, which is a health issue if left unchecked.
  • Toxicity. Insulation can be toxic in historic homes. Make sure your insulation is current and up to the latest codes and standards.

4. Update Ventilation

Roofing, insulation, and ventilation are all critical in keeping your attic energy efficient. Vents in your attic work to push out hot, humid air out while encouraging the circulation of fresh air, which improves your indoor air quality overall. If you have too much moisture or humidity in your home, you may have to add ventilation sources, such as exhaust fans, intake vents, ridge vents, and static vents.

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We are the premier insulation contractors in St. Louis MO and we can improve your attic’s energy efficiency in no time. Pick up the phone and schedule your no-cost consultation at 636-233-7314. Just contact us in St. Louis MO or St. Charles MO to learn more.

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