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Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home Office

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Soundproofing Your Home Office In Missouri

With unprecedented numbers of people working from home these days, it’s more important than ever to have comfortable, safe, soundproof spaces to conduct business. You understandably want a space where you can make phone calls, participate in virtual meetings and use your computer without disturbance. To ensure you get the comfort and privacy you need, your home office should be soundproof so you don’t get distracted by outside noises from the family, pets, etc., or from road traffic.

Keeping noise out of the workspace can be possible with some changes to the space, not the least of which is to add insulation in St. Charles MO. Here are some tips.

1. Seal Holes in the Walls

Walls can be great at blocking sound, but if there are holes in the wall, this benefit is null and void. Check the walls and ceilings of your office for holes and seal them with fiberglass batt insulation, which is a sound-absorbing material.

2. Install a Solid Core Door

Solid core doors keep out sound far better than their hollow core counterparts. You may also want to add vinyl weatherstripping, as well as a bottom sweep and threshold seal.

3. Caulk Spaces in the Drywall

Check for cracks and crevices on your drywall, particularly around obstructions like electrical boxes and ductwork. Caulk those openings to keep noise out.

4. Add Acoustic Board

Glue a layer of acoustic board, followed by another layer of drywall, over your interior walls for added protection from outside noise. You could also try acoustic panels and tiles.

5. Soundproof the Ceiling

If the source of the noise comes from above, nail 1x2-inch furring strips over 3/4-inch rigid insulation on the ceiling. You’ll have to tape, sand, and paint the ceiling afterwards, so it’s not a minor project but it can help a lot.

6. Soundproof the Floor

Are the noises coming from below? Just place an acoustic board on the floor, covering it with carpet for better sound absorption.

7. Soundproof the Windows

Install soundproof curtains or consider installing double-pane windows that will help to keep out noise along the street.

8. Add Insulation

The best way to soundproof your home office is to add extra cellulose, fiberglass or foam insulation in your floors, ceilings and walls. This will help reduce outside noise, as well as noise from room to room or between different floors of your home.

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