What to Know About Insulating a Crawl Space saint louis, missouri

What to Know About Insulating a Crawl Space

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What to Know About Insulating a Crawl Space St Charles, MO

Why Insulate My Crawl Space?

We understand you may have many questions when it comes to crawl space insulation, which is why our insulation contractors in St Charles MO have compiled this list of FAQs to boost your knowledge of the topic.

You already know that by replacing your attic insulation, you can increase your whole-home energy efficiency and comfort. But if you’re going to undertake a project like that, you might as well insulate your crawl space too. All too often, home owners overlook their crawl spaces, which can pose negative impacts to your home in many ways. Neglected crawl spaces can attract:

  • Allergens that infiltrate the home, circulating through the air ducts.
  • Rodents and other pests
  • Mold and mildew growth, compromising indoor air quality

Let’s go over some FAQs we’ve heard over the years.

FAQs: Crawl Space Insulation

What’s the most effective crawl space insulation?

The most effective insulation is rigid foam insulation boards, as they can be installed along the walls of your foundation instead of between floor joists. To further strengthen your insulation, blown-in cellulose insulation can be installed through the fastening of boards along the joists to better hold in the insulation.

What kind of insulation should be used in my crawl space?

You have two main options here: rigid foam boards or blow-in cellulose insulation with boards applied to floor joists.

Can cellulose insulation be installed in a crawl space?

Yes it can. High-quality cellulose insulation will fill the hard-to-reach cavities between the floor joists with three to six inches of blown-in insulation, depending on the thickness of your joists. Plywood boards can be placed at the bottom of all cavities before blowing in the cellulose insulation and sealing it with a vapor barrier.

Is it worth it to insulate a crawl space?

Yes, and here’s why. Crawl space insulation:

  • Reduces heating and cooling loss, reducing the flow of air into and out of the home. Did you know that 50 percent of the air in your crawl space leaks into your house?
  • Regulates floor temperature, which makes it more pleasant to walk barefoot.
  • Reduces condensation, which produces excess moisture. This moisture can breed mold and mildew, and encourage pests. It can also rot your home’s wooden structures, which can pose a costly problem.
  • Improves air quality, through the formation of a barrier between the floor and crawl space.
  • Lowers energy bills, saving you money over time.

We hope you found these FAQS to be helpful as you consider crawlspace insulation in St. Louis.

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