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What Factors Cause Heat Gain?

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What Factors Cause Heat Gain? st-charles-mo


Heat gain is not a good thing, as it often causes your air conditioner to work much harder than it should. This, in turn, translates to higher energy bills. If you don’t like the idea of spending more than you need to on energy for your home each month, you will be interested to learn what the most common causes of heat gain are and how you can address them.

The best way to start is to contact an insulation contractor in Ballwin MO who can advise you on the proper insulation to combat heat gain and enjoy more consistent temperatures.


Did you know that windows are responsible for about 30 percent of the heat gain in your home? To reduce heat gain originating from your windows, add more treatments, such as drapes, blinds or curtains; add awnings for shade; or add interior shutters to control the amount of light that gets in.

External Walls

The sun’s rays are absorbed by external walls. If those walls are not sufficiently insulated, they can keep heat from entering and exiting your home. Reduce heat gain through walls by ensuring proper insulation. Another solution is to paint your home in a color known to reflect sunlight and reduce heat gain.

Air Leaks

Airs leaks are responsible for about 13 percent of heat gain in your home. Make sure all windows, doorways and areas where water pipes or electrical wiring enter the house are sealed. You can do this with caulking or weatherstripping. Seal air leaks even further by adding insulation in these areas.

Lighting and Appliances

Indoor sources such as lighting and appliances are responsible for 14 percent of heat gain on average. You can remedy this by replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs, and only cook meals in the oven on cooler days.

Attic Ventilation and Insulation

The attic is one of the largest sources of heat gain in your home. There are ways to prevent this, though, and that’s to ensure proper attic insulation and ventilation. Insulation will ensure your attic doesn’t heat up too much when the sun beats down on the roof. Ventilation will allow any heated air that has been pent up to release into the outside air.

While there are many sources of heat gain in your home, you can correct all of those problems with adequate insulation. If you don’t have the right amount or quality of insulation, you are likely spending more than you should on monthly energy bills.

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