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Preparing Insulation For Installion

Insulating your attic is imperative. Not only does this save you money on energy, it makes you feel more comfortable throughout the year thanks to consistent temperatures. But it’s equally important to insulate your attic the right way, and that involves the proper prep work. Your insulation contractor in St. Louis MO will do their best to prepare the area, but there are ways you can help them out prior to the beginning of work.

Clean Up the Attic

The best thing you can do to prepare for attic insulation installation is to de-clutter, organize and clean the attic. Not only does this provide your contractor with better access to walls, floors, ceilings and other pertinent areas, it gives you a chance to clear out the attic in an effort to increase ventilation later on. Everyone needs to de-clutter their attics periodically, and an insulation project is the perfect opportunity for this.

Having a cluttered attic doesn’t allow your insulation and vents to do the best possible job. Make it easier on your home and on your contractor, and do your part to clean up beforehand.

Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks in your attic will be counterproductive to installing even the highest quality insulation possible. You can do this yourself with the use of expanding spray foam and caulk. Look for gaps around pipes, windows, ducts and the chimney. Caulk can be used on tiny cracks but if you see holes and cracks larger than 1/4 inch wide, spray foam is a better choice.

Check for Water Leaks

At the same time that you’re looking for air leaks, check for water leaks. Be on the lookout for water stains, damp areas and missing shingles on the roof. Water and insulation don’t go well together. Damp or saturated insulation will invite the growth of mold and block the flow of heat. By addressing water leaks before you add more insulation, you’ll be ensuring a safer, more productive area with which to work.

Box Out Light Fixtures

If you have light fixtures, box them out to reduce fire hazards. Create a gap of three inches from your lights to where your contractor will be placing the insulation. To achieve this, use metal flashing, scrap plywood or hardware cloth.

Check Exhaust Fans

Your exhaust fans should be facing outside so no humidity is caught in your attic. Whether your fans were improperly installed initially or they were knocked loose over time, make sure those fans are pointing the way they should.

A successful insulation installation starts with the right preparation. Your insulation contractors should be able to help with some of this, but the cleanup (step one) is definitely your responsibility. Don’t skip it!

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