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Which Insulation is Best for Garage Walls?

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Which Insulation is Best for Garage Walls?

So you’ve decided to insulate the garage, but now your next decision will be: “what insulation should I use?”. Whether you want to make the garage itself more comfortable, or you just want to keep outside temperatures from getting into your house via the garage, blown insulation or the type of your choosing will definitely help.

The best insulation options will depend greatly on whether that space has existing drywall, or if you have exposed walls and ceiling. The most common insulation used in garages include cellulose, fiberglass, spray foam, and injection foam. It’s best to have your insulation in St. Louis MO installed by a professional to get the most benefits.

Why Insulate Your Garage?

There are many reasons why you would want to insulate your garage:

  • Your garage is attached to your home and is allowing outside air to get inside the home via that common wall.
  • The loft or bonus room above your garage is not maintaining a consistent temperature and has become very uncomfortable.
  • The odors from the garage are getting in the house.
  • You want the garage to become a more comfortable space able to maintain a regular temperature.
  • You wish to utilize the area as a she-shed, man cave or playroom.
  • The builder did not finish the garage with insulation and drywall, and you finally want to accomplish this task.

Insulation Options In Missouri

There are many material choices available to you when it comes to garage wall and ceiling insulation in St. Charles MO. Check them out:

1. Fiberglass

This can be installed in the garage as rolls or batts in the exposed wall cavities and ceiling. In addition, a fiberglass insulation exists that’s made specifically for insulating garage doors.

Fiberglass is a very common insulation found in a variety of homes and garages. However, the rolls and batts must be cut to fit into the wall or ceiling cavity precisely and then stapled into place. So, if you’re not planning on tearing down your drywall, fiberglass won’t be a good fit for this purpose, as it is only designed to be installed in open cavities.

And if your goal is to stop all air movement into your garage, fiberglass won’t be best because it will still allow air to move through it.

2. Cellulose Loose Fill Insulation

This can be blown into the walls and ceiling of your garage, but will only work if those cavities are covered with drywall. Your insulation contractor in St. Louis MO will blow in the loose fill insulation into the cavity via drilled holes in the drywall and then cover it up. It can also be done from the exterior through the removal of a row of siding or by drilling into the mortar.

If walls are exposed, wet-applied cellulose is best, as blown-in won’t work very well in this application. Wet-applied cellulose is combined with a bonding agent, then sprayed into the wall cavity, sticking there without the need for netting.

Just like fiberglass batting, though, cellulose still allows for air movement through the material.

3. Spray Foam and Injection Foam

These are very similar to one another because they are both foam-based products. They differ in the way they are applied.

  • Spray foam insulation is applied to the open cavities to create an air seal.
  • Injection foam is applied to the enclosed cavities by first drilling holes in the drywall and then injecting the foam.

Foam insulation is a more costly option, but it is a much better investment because it will save you a lot of money in energy savings over the long term.

Proper insulation is the top way to curb air escape from your home. Another thing you can do is seal cracks and openings to reduce drafts and cold spots, suggests It’s important to prevent air leakage, which, if left unchecked, can contribute to moisture problems that can affect occupants’ health and the home’s durability.

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