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The Problems That Come With Improper Insulation

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The Problems That Come With Improper Insulation-st-charles-mo


With 90 percent of U.S. homes being under insulated, there are many common problems that can arise as a result. Just because your house is insulated doesn’t mean it has the proper amount or quality, or that it was installed correctly in the first place. Failing to have enough insulation can lead to many other issues, such as poor temperature control and high energy bills.

When you hire an insulation contractor in St. Charles MO, they can inspect your existing insulation and determine if you have an adequate amount or not. Here are some of the common problems that come with improper insulation.

Poor Temperature Control

If you always feel too hot or too cold when in your home, despite what you have the thermostat set on, this is a red flag that you have inadequate insulation. Without enough insulation, the conditioned air seeps through small openings throughout your home. This means you never really feel comfortable no matter how many times you adjust the thermostat.

Fortunately, spray foam insulation can significantly improve the temperature control throughout your house in all seasons. That’s because it adheres to all nooks and crannies, unlike fiberglass batting which doesn’t conform to the tightest of spaces and can flatten over time.

High Energy Bills

When conditioned air from inside your home escapes to the outdoors, this means you’re losing precious energy, which translates to higher than normal energy bills. Inconsistent temps are one thing – losing money every month because your conditioned air is literally going out the window is another.

Plus, if your HVAC system has to work harder than it should to condition your home, this puts strain on the unit and could lead to premature replacement costs and frequent repairs. If you’re tired of paying through the nose for heating and cooling, stop throwing good money after bad and get your insulation checked.

Poor Air Quality

Just like conditioned air can escape your home through tiny openings throughout the structure, airborne allergens can make their way into your home in the same way. Having proper insulation in all the right areas (basement, walls, attic, ceiling, etc.) will boost your home’s air quality by ensuring allergens and pollutants stay outside where they belong.

As you can see, improper insulation can lead to many other problems throughout your home – increasing your costs of ownership not to mention your comfort.

Call Addict Insulation in St. Charles MO

If you are noticing the above problems in your home and would like a free consultation with one of our insulation contractors in St. Charles, contact us today at 636-233-7314. We can inspect the situation and suggest the best solution possible based on our findings.

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