6 Health Benefits of Having a Quiet Home

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6 Health Benefits of Having a Quiet Homes-st-charles-mo
Health Benefits of Having a Quiet Home-st-louis-missouri

Benefits of A Quite Home Are

It can be tiring, frustrating and unproductive to live in a noisy house or a crowded, congested part of town. From car horns in the street to the dog next door that barks at all hours, the aggravation you feel can actually have a negative impact on your health.

A quiet home is central to your well-being and that of your family. If the noise gets to the point where it is interfering with your relaxation and sleep, you may want to consider installing insulation to soundproof your home. A St. Charles insulation contractor is the first person you should call.

1. Get More Rest and Feel Less Stress

The less noise you hear at all hours of the day and night, the better you will be able to relax and get restful sleep. Up till now, you may have been trying to cope with the noise by ignoring it, wearing headphones, or putting on the TV or music in the background. But you shouldn’t have to do this.

You deserve uninterrupted sleep and rest in your own home. In fact, quality rest is essential for your body and mind to heal.

2. What Are the Negative Effects of Noise?

Research shows that noise pollution can be linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, stroke, increased anxiety, and tinnitus. No matter what the source of the noise is – loud neighbors revving their car or a plane going by overhead – it can trigger your brain’s fight-or-flight response. Plus, it can aggravate existing health conditions by elevating your stress levels.

Stress can result in physical, emotional, behavioral and cognitive symptoms, which in turn can lead to negative emotions, less energy, tense muscles, reduced appetite, and inability to focus.

6 Benefits Of A Quite House

3. The Positive Effects of Silence

When you incorporate soundproofing insulation into your home, you can prevent the negative effects of noise and reap the benefits of silence. Did you know that silence can stimulate brain growth while enhancing sleep and lessening bouts of insomnia? It can also restore your mental strength so you can tap into your creative side, engage in self-reflection, and be able to concentrate more.

4. Better Home Environment

A quiet home is a peaceful home. Soundproofing insulation brings you more peace, comfort, and happiness. But soundproofing insulation doesn’t just keep noises out – it can prevent heat from escaping or getting in. Bonus: you stay more comfortable through all seasons while saving money on energy bills.

5. More Privacy

Soundproofing insulation doesn’t just prevent outside neighborhood noises from getting into your home. It can help soundproof each room so you can enjoy quiet within individual space. This comes in handy if, for example, your husband likes to watch loud movies late at night, your child plays the drums or you entertain the girls with wine night every week. You can maintain your privacy and not feel as though you have to be quiet all the time. And your family members don’t have to be disturbed by the actions of others.

6. A Better Learning Environment

Too much noise isn’t good for childhood development. They may have a more difficult time reading, and they may get distracted easily. Noise can also disrupt non-auditory tasks, detracting from developing proper sensory skills.

Soundproofing Your Home

So how exactly can you soundproof your home? These special insulation materials are installed into your walls and ceilings by a qualified contractor. When sound hits the material, the insulation absorbs noise, converting it into heat before it gets through the walls.

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