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Signs Your Crawlspace Insulation Should be Replaced

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Insulating Your Carwlspace

Insulation is the #1 way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. It blocks outside air from getting into your home, plus it allows your HVAC system to work at peak efficiency. You spend too much money on your heating and cooling bills to lose air through an underinsulated crawlspace.

You probably know your walls and windows have to be insulated, but you may not give much thought to your crawl spaces. Fact is, crawl space insulation is just as important to an energy-efficient home as any other room in the house. You could be losing precious heated and cooled air through the floor. The type of insulation in St. Louis you will need for your crawlspace will depend on if it’s ventilated or unventilated.

Here are some signs that you need crawl space insulation replacement.

1. Higher Than Usual Energy Bills

A high energy bill is a classic sign of poor insulation. When outdoor temperatures get into your home, your HVAC system has to work overtime, which increases your energy bills.

2. Changing Indoor Temperatures

If your indoor temperatures are inconsistent, such as if the temperature changes with weather or time of day, your crawl space insulation could be to blame. That’s because insulation shifts over time, leaving unprotected areas. You may just have to add more insulation, but if the existing insulation has degraded or is not up to code, replacement if the only option.

3. Evidence of Pest Infestation

Critters love to take up residence in crawl spaces, so if you have noticed signs of rodents, bats, snakes, squirrels, or opossums in that area, you’ll need to change the insulation. That’s because it’s likely contaminated by urine, feces and nesting materials. Insulation removal by a professional is recommended.

4. Signs of Wet Insulation

If your insulation is wet, damp or moist, you can’t save it. replacement is the only option, as mold can grow there very quickly, and probably already has. The presence of mold and mildew compromises your air quality and leads to serious health consequences. Even if you managed to dry out the insulation, the remaining spores don’t go away. Because they are airborne, they will travel to other areas of your home.

5. Indoor Drafts

Poor insulation results in drafts. Usually, lack of proper attic insulation is the more common problem, but sometimes the underinsulated crawl spaces send drafts up through the floor. If you need slippers all winter or you feel like you have to wear three layers of socks and clothing, it could be due to a draft coming from below.

6. Settling and Compacting

Insulation settles over the years. When that happens, the thickness drops and the material weakens. This is called compacting. Most of the time, simply adding insulation will be enough to remedy the situation, but sometimes full replacement is necessary.

7. Outdated Insulation Materials

As insulation material ages, it loses thickness. It may also become outdated in terms of what is acceptable by building codes. As a rule, older insulation is too thin to do a proper job.

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If you suspect your crawl space insulation is lacking in some way, let our insulation contractors in St. Charles MO visit your home and do an inspection to be sure. Make an appointment when you contact us at 636-233-7314.

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